The Benefits of a Private Chef!

Take a break, I'll handle it...

Seriously, You don't have to lift a finger. With a personal chef, all the stress and worries of feeding a group go right out of the window! With life being so short, enjoy your time with friends and family instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

Cabin Concierge Service!

Let us help before you even get in town! After a day of travel, who wants to stop and buy groceries?! Bring or buy a cooler?! NO WAY! Let me take care of your groceries before you even arrive! Need something before we arrive? No problem, we are here to help!

We have also partnered with , so packaged meals are available with every experience as well! Just a few minutes in the microwave, and you're ready to go! WOW!

No Mess, Is ALWAYS Best

This may be the best reason! You don't have to worry about any dirty pots and pans, dirty dishes, or scrubbing silverware, because I've got you covered! Your kitchen will stay clean as the fine dining courses arrive to your table, and will be sparkling at the end of your experience! 

Always Local, and Always Fresh

All of my products are sourced locally from nearby livestock farms, and our produce is all organic, and pesticide free from 7M Family Farms! You get the best ingredients, and you don't even have to leave the house! I spend the previous days and morning of your event collecting all ingredients to be used during your experience!

It's all about YOU!

When the fine dining restaurant comes to your kitchen, you're the only guest that matters! No absent servers, no wait times, and the Executive Chef is at your disposal! You decide what you want, when you want it!

Enjoy the Show!

More times then not, you won't get to see the Chef in action at your local fine dining restaurant. With a private Chef Experience, you get to watch an Executive Chef turn your kitchen in to his playground! Whether you want to just watch, join the fun, or turn the evening in to a cooking lesson: You're the Boss, Let's make it happen! 

The Experience

As a whole, each one of these experiences are guaranteed to leave you with an evening to remember! Having the restaurant come to you, with your own personal Chef's undivided attention is like owning your very own fine dining restaurant! Everything is served on unique china with beautiful flatware, linen napkins and a full place setting! The shopping is done for you, the products are fresh, and you'll end the night with a clean kitchen, and the dishes are done to top it all off. It doesn't get much better then that.....


- Taylor fit Menu based on your preferences, allergies, and dietary restrictions

- Non GMO, Antibiotic & Steroid Free, Locally sourced as Possible

- Dining experience served on unique china & flatware with refined place settings

- Entire Meal prepared in house

- Leftovers packaged for you!

- Concierge Available!

- Kitchen cleaned & trash removed

- Packaged Meals available at


Four Course Meal - $100 Per Person

Three Course Meal - $90 Per Person

Two Course Meal - $80 Per Person

Parties of 8 or more incur automatic %25 gratuity

Concierge - %30 Flat Rate Convenience Fee, Free Fridge Setup!

Minimum $500 concierge order or $150 Charge.


All Pricing includes travel and sourcing of product.​

Parties over 8 typically receive additional service attendant

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